Stretch It Out

We don’t just mean trying to touch your toes and calling it a day! We want to know, do you really take the time to connect with your muscles, draw in your focus, and stretch? If the answer is no (and that's okay!), we have some truth bombs to drop on you and if you already stretch, keep reading and maybe you’ll find new benefits you didn’t even realize!

Let’s start with what we already know.

Stretching helps loosen muscle tissue increasing blood circulation to specific groups of muscle. This helps prepare you to kick your workout's butt all while improving flexibility and preventing soreness or injury. This is the foundation of stretching, but it doesn’t stop there.  Stretching makes your workout more effective giving you the results you've been looking for! 

Here's Why!

Picture it with us: You jump into your workout without any form of stretching. You start with arm curls, but you just worked your arms out a few days ago so they're a little sore today. The problem here is that when you neglect to stretch sore muscles, other muscles in your body begin to compensate in an effort to help out your sore muscles. This leaves your target muscles (biceps & triceps) receiving less attention than they would if the muscle tissues were lose!

Next time, take our advice! Stretched first so that you can proactively correct muscular imbalances, which in simpler terms means making sure the right muscles get the right attention with each workout.

Skinny Pro Tip:

Increase energy activation by adding Skinny Citrus Water™ to your pre-workout stretch routine. It's the secret boost you didn't know you needed!

Now Let's Think Post Workout:

Stretching is so beneficial that it doesn’t just help your workout! That's right– the benefits of stretching go beyond the gym. Stretching releases tension and reduces stress, which aids in areas of life such as sleep, overeating, and for all our girls out there, hormonal imbalances. 

So if you haven't gotten the hint by now, we strongly suggest you take a second to connect to your body and stretch!

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