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Why Skipping Meals Can Make You Gain Weight

By: Team Skinny | May 2019

Many people trying to lose weight skip a meal to reduce their caloric intake. Dieters will bypass breakfast, lunch, or dinner to shed pounds. However, they often end up overeating and making unhealthy food choices later – a result of being hungry from their meal-skipping behavior. When you skip meals, your blood sugar decreases and can cause fatigue, stress, and that “hangry” feeling. In addition to potentially triggering overeating, skipping meals may also slow metabolism. The body uses food as fuel and burns calories while it digests food. When you skip a meal, your body can go into survival mode, and metabolism may slow down, actually burning fewer calories.

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Skipping meals is not an effective weight loss strategy. Instead, well- balanced meals and healthy snacks along with diet and exercise work best. We know this sounds easy but can really be a lot of work and costly. Studies also show that drinking a high-quality meal replacement drink instead of eating a high-calorie meal can significantly improve your chances of maintaining or losing weight. We developed the Skinny Shake® Meal Replacement to help you get through the day and feel good about your choices. We believe our quality ingredients in the Skinny Shake® Meal Replacement will help prevent overeating. Additionally, it will keep your metabolism going and help you reach your health goals.

It is essential to listen to your body. Is skipping meals causing you fatigue and leading to overeating? Don’t skip food, just skip lousy food.Try our Skinny Shake® Meal Replacement today and see what everyone is talking about. You can have it in place of a meal or as a healthy snack to add a little pep in your step. Never go “hangry” again!  

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